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Posts from August, 2007

Acai berries: best food ever discovered?

Aug 25

Brad Wuorinen of put together an objective article on the Acai Berry. Pulling from various sources, Mr Wuorinen creates a convincing case for ‘super food’. As he states, “Even Oprah has taken notice [of the acai berry] and put it atop her Top Ten Super Foods list. With the resources available to Oprah, you just know someone has done their due diligence about this super berry.

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Acai in Hawaii – Lanikai Juice

Aug 19

lanikai acai juice

It’s no surprise that Hawaii knows how to serve up a great, healthy drink bar. Lanikai Juice offers a few different drinks containing the Acai Berry. The regular Acai Smoothie has acai, strawberries, blueberries, bananas and apple juice. They also have Acai Bowls, which are topped with sliced banana and organic granola crumbs.

Lanikai Juice

Exotic fruits – goodness in a glass

Aug 07

Yet another web source is reporting on the health benefits of the Acai Berry. The article (link below) points out that pineapples and bananas were once considered “exotic” too. Will the day come when Acai Berries are common place in our grocery stores?

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Acai – the perfect smoothie ingredient

Aug 04

The Acai Berry with it’s healthy fats is being dubbed the perfect compliment to a healthy smoothie.

“Smoothies are quickly becoming the newest health trend, but you need to make sure your smoothie has the proper balance of fruits, protein and good fats in order to really be a “health food.”

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