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Posts from September, 2007

Nature’s Gate – acai in organic lotions

Sep 23

Nature’s Gate has released a line of USDA certified organic lotions. USDA certification means that the products not only have to have 100% organic ingredients, but that the manufacturing process must also comply with standards as well.

Here’s a quote from

“Products that combine this level of purity and efficacy are extremely difficult and expensive to formulate, and that is why they have been largely missing from the marketplace” explained Nature’s Gate president Paddy Spence.

The four body lotions that make up the Rainwater Organics range contain jojoba and soy bean oil, shea butter, and vitamin E, along with açai oil found in the berries of the açai tree in the Amazonian rainforest.

The berries are said to have powerful anti-oxidant properties along with large quantities of vitamins C, B, E and A, and the company attest to their sustainable harvest.”

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Sumner Redstone has a secret! MonaVie!

Sep 20

So this piece of news is a little old , but interesting none the less. Sumner Redstone (media mogul – Viacom, CBS) is a Mona Vie fan. Mona Vie is composed of a mixture of berries, including Acai, that is taking North America by storm. Here’s a quote from Fortune Magazine,

“Redstone first heard of the juice from Viacom exec Bill Roedy on a trip to Germany in January. After learning that his butler’s sister-in-law was a devotee too, Redstone ordered some up and started drinking four ounces a day. “Since I’ve been on MonaVie I haven’t taken a sleeping pill…” he says.”