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Posts from October, 2007

Acai research video

Oct 22

This is a quick, informative video about the acai berry developed by

Feed My Brain by TriUnity

Oct 17

TriUnity is offering a new product dubbed “Feed My Brain”. The claim is that the product is clinically proven to increase inate IQ. The product was developed from a study done in a US school system where a specific diet was administered. The student on the diet showed a tremendous improvement, so Feed My Brain was born.

But take a look at the company itself. TriUnity has an acai product called AcaiPlus – a quick search on Google and you’ll see words like scam, fraud, etc. It’s no wonder that TriUnity is attempting to create a new angle distancing themselves from the damaged Acai Plus product. Take a look at their supporting website,, and you won’t see any mention of Acai Plus.

The bottom line is that the concept of eating healthy actually benefiting your mind is nothing new. So is the TriUnity product really better for your brain than a healthy diet? Likely not. Based on the reputation of the company, it seems purchasing acai products from almost any other source would be a good idea. Of course this is all in my humble opinion.