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Posts from December, 2007

Acai, a cure for gout?

Dec 30

Below is an except from an Acai related article I read recently. MonaVie contains a number of fruits, which looks to have been a gout curing combination.

“My husband used to get gout quite regularly in one ankle over the past 3 years or so, and had a really acute attack in January which affected BOTH his ankles, he was in absolute agony and could hardly walk to the bathroom, let alone get outside to go to work. (In fact he crawled to the bathroom a few times, he was in so much pain and his ankles were SO swollen.) The attack subsided after his doctor put him on a real high dosage of an anti-inflammatory drug, which he could only take for 3 days before it would start to damage his kidneys!

He has not had an attack since he started drinking MonaVie in mid February. He has also been able to stop taking the anti-inflammatory drugs (and the Losec he was prescribed to offset the side-effects of the other drug!). The swelling in his ankles has finally gone, and he has NO PAIN. Of course he is avoiding foods that trigger attacks (like sardines, asparagus, and other high-purine foods), but that wasn’t enough on its own before”

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The Beginning of Sambazon

Dec 26

During a trip to Brazil, Ryan Black and friend Ed Nichols amazed by the natural energy and nutritional benefits of Acai fruit decided to import Acai berry to the US and formed Sambazon in 2000.

Ryan and Ed pioneered the introduction of Amazon superfruit Açai in U.S. market through a sustainable business model that benefits thousands of poor farmers and protects the Rainforest. After learning that low-income families earned more for harvesting Açai than clear-cutting the forest, they were inspired to provide an economic alternative to local communities who typically depend on destructive logging and other non-sustainable activities for their livelihood.
Acai berry started to be distributed in smoothie bars and health stores in places like California, Florida and New York and quickly across the U.S and the world.