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Posts from January, 2008

Acai berry for the brain

Jan 29

BrainReady is a great site with plenty of cool facts about the brain and how to keep it active and healthy. In fact, it has such a wealth of information I recommend anyone interested in health to take a moment to read through their site. However, back to acai. BrainReady has a great article from start to finish about acai, where it comes from, what it is, why it’s good for you and where to get it. Below is an excerpt from their website, but the underlying message of the post is that acai is good for you, but be careful where you get it. The acai berry needs to be processed immediately after harvesting, and many companies with acai in their products don’t follow this practice. Therefore the products can legally claim to contain acai, which they do, but the quality of the acai has degraded so much it isn’t necessarily good for the body anymore. Sambazon is quoted as a good source for acai, and one of the larger in the USA at that.

“…how does Acai relate to brain health!? Well, first of all, the incredibly high antioxidant levels have a direct impact, as antioxidants in our diet can help to reduce the damage to the lining of our arteries which affect proper blood flow to the brain, one of the biggest and most important dietary things you can do for your brain health. Secondly, those omega fatty acids in the berry help to do the same kinds of things that other foods rich in omega fatty acids for your brain, including helping your neurotransmitters work properly to helping your mood to helping with serotonin levels and more. And then there’s the vitamins, minerals, protein, and other components of Acai which benefit your brain and your body…your overall health, not to mention help boost your energy and stamina.”

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The acai berry may fight leukemia

Jan 24

A study conducted at the University of Florida was published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry on January 17th. After introducing the antioxidant rich acai berry to cancer cells in a culture, the majority of cancer cells were actually destroyed!

Stephen Talcott, assistant professor at the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agriculture Sciences said the acai berry extract triggered apoptosis, or destruction, of 86% of the leukemia cells. Talcott also mentioned that the results are cell-culture based and that there is no proof that the acai berry would prevent or fight leukemia. This also isn’t the first fruit that has shown the ability to destroy cancer cells in culture form.

Acai berry margarita

Jan 21

With so much focus on the health benefits of Acai there is often a serious tone surrounding the acai berry topic. How does acai help a person and how much does it cost? Where can I get acai berry, and finally, the rarely asked question, how can I ingest the acai berry in creative, tasty ways? Here’s one of many answers to that question!

The Feel Better Naked Margarita was created by Adam Seger from The National 27 Restaurant in Chicago. You can find the acai berry recipe at

Anthocyanin antioxidants in the acai berry

Jan 13

Here’s a quick little read that can shed some light on what anthocyanins are. The acai berry has been identified as an excellent anti-inflammatory due to the amount of anthocyanins it contains. Anti-aging is another claim, but this one is a little more difficult to prove.

Anthocyanins are plant pigments that provide fruits its vibrant colors. It also serves as a protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays which could trigger free radicals inside the fruit. They belong to a class of flavonoids making them potent antioxidants. Large quantities of anthocyanins can be found in dark colored fruits like blueberries and acai.

Among the many health benefits of ingesting anthocyanin are:

  • anti-cancer
  • anti-aging
  • anti-bacterial
  • anti-inflammatory

Eggplant, oranges, berries and even cabbage contain anthocyanin but in varying degrees. The more anthocyanin the fruit has, the more antioxidant benefit you can get from them

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Doctors taking acai…and seeing results!

Jan 09

So a clinical scientist and an ER doctor sit down at the table. What do they talk about? The Acai Berry of course! The entire article can be read here, at the Happy Hospitalist’s blog – but to sum things up Monavie has helped the Happy Hospitalist. His friend, the ER doctor, claims some great improvements in his own life. “Pain going away after years of ‘Celebrex’, Years of high blood pressure disappearing after just several months of using it, exercise fatigue gone, working out stronger and longer, more energy, less coffee, weight loss, allergies and asthma symptoms improving overnight. Some amazing results!

The full article @ The Happy Hospitalist