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Posts from March, 2008

Zola acai plus pineapple reviewed…

Mar 10

Zola Acai Nutrition LabelI figure I write too much about acai to ignore the fact that I’m a little behind on trying the products themselves. Therefore, in the name of avoiding hypocrisy, I gave Zola Acai + Pineapple a try today and was fairly impressed. The $3.99 price for 330ml isn’t impressive, in fact it’s 5x the cost of my usual lunch-time drink, but halfway through the drink I had forgotten I was critiquing the taste and was genuinely enjoying it. If anyone out there has tried MonaVie, it’s got that same initial flavour, but then the pineapple kicks in an eliminates any remnants of an after taste. It does have that same gritty consistency though.

In any case, that little “Acai Products” page is going to be revamped in the near future. Instead of providing links to purchase the products on Amazon, it will feature the Nutrition Facts about every acai product I can get my hands on.

V8 juice brings in the acai

Mar 06

V8 Fusion Acai Berry FlavourNot to be outdone by Tropicana as noted below, this spring the makers of V8 juices are rolling out a new 100% juice blend featuring one of today’s hottest flavors – you guessed it, the Acai berry.

The Acai mixed berry blend brings the V8 V-Fusion portfolio to a few varieties including Pomegranate Blueberry, Tropical Orange, Strawberry Banana, Peach Mango, Light Strawberry Banana and Light Peach Mango.

Acai Raspberry Tropicana by PepsiCo

Mar 03

With over 1 billion in orange juice sales per year, Tropicana isn’t letting this little purple berry stay below it’s radar. Reuters reported today that “Tropicana unit is launching a new high-end line of juices on Monday…the company is also selling Indian River grapefruit, pomegranate/blueberry, peach/papaya/mango and raspberry/acai juice as part of the new line. Acai is a purple berry, also called the super berry, native to the Amazon that is said to be high in anti-oxidants.”

This new line will be called Tropicana Pure Valencia and will be priced higher than their Tropicana Pure Premium line of juices. $4.49 for 54 ounces, but it’s hard to tell if that’s the entire product line or a certain flavour. In any case, I think it’s a smart move on behalf of Tropicana. After removing caffeine from my own diet, I find I am quite eager to try new juice flavours!