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Acai Raspberry Tropicana by PepsiCo

Mar 03

With over 1 billion in orange juice sales per year, Tropicana isn’t letting this little purple berry stay below it’s radar. Reuters reported today that “Tropicana unit is launching a new high-end line of juices on Monday…the company is also selling Indian River grapefruit, pomegranate/blueberry, peach/papaya/mango and raspberry/acai juice as part of the new line. Acai is a purple berry, also called the super berry, native to the Amazon that is said to be high in anti-oxidants.”

This new line will be called Tropicana Pure Valencia and will be priced higher than their Tropicana Pure Premium line of juices. $4.49 for 54 ounces, but it’s hard to tell if that’s the entire product line or a certain flavour. In any case, I think it’s a smart move on behalf of Tropicana. After removing caffeine from my own diet, I find I am quite eager to try new juice flavours!

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  1. valerie
    Nov 23 at 11:31

    I love the raspberry acai juice..glad to see there is something tasty out there! and good for you too..thanks

  2. cindy
    Mar 22 at 21:25

    The raspberry acai juice is delishious!!!!!

  3. Cindi P
    Apr 07 at 23:00

    I don’t normally comment on products, but this juice is absolutely delicious! I tried others, but the pale in comparison!

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