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Posts from April, 2008

HempShake by Nutiva

Apr 28

Nutiva's HempShake Amazon Acai 16 oz Nutiva HempShake

Nutiva is a tasty, refreshing treat – the first organic shake to offer the fresh flavor blend of Sambazon Acai berries and Brazil nut protein from the Amazon rain forest, and Maca root and mesquite pods from the Inca highlands of Peru. An organic superfood (82%) raw) with Omega-3 EFA’s, nine grams of protein, all essential amino acids, more than 32% of the RDI of fiber, and antioxidants – plus inulin, a soluble fiber that promotes regularity.

Buy Nutiva’s HempShake Amazon Acai 16 oz

NBA clears MonaVie for use by athletes

Apr 15

Happy Planet Acai NurtitionLyle Mason, President of the NBA Physician’s Association and team physician/orthopedic surgeon for the NBA’s Utah Jazz says, “MonaVie’s product development team has been working diligently to ensure that MonaVie products are safe for use by athletes. I’m pleased to inform you that MonaVie Active juice and MonVie (Original) juice have been scientifically tested and proven to be free from all banned substances, as certified by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

I haven’t stumbled across which athletes are using MonaVie, but I’m assuming there must be a few for this type of news to come to light. That, or it has simply been pushed by MonaVie for some extra publicity. Either way, MonaVie is the only acai berry product I have tried that gave me a noticeable boost in energy. Pyramid scheme or not, it’s definitely a potent product, in a good way.

Happy Planet Extreme Purple…

Apr 01

Happy Planet Acai Happy Planet Acai Nurtition

This isn’t an official review as I haven’t tried this product myself, however by word of mouth I’ve heard that Happy Planet’s Extreme Purple acai fruit smoothie beverage is definitely worth a taste. I can’t comment on the taste yet, but check out that vitamin C content – 110% recommended daily intake in 250ml!

Taken straight from their product label, “Acai the prized Brazilian berry makes purple waves with free radical battling friends – green tea and beta carotene – an extreme team in your corner.”

Happy Planet Food’s mission? “To astonish your taste buds, nourish your body, unite you with the best sources of food and drink on this planet, and grow a progressive business from which happiness flows.”