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Super premium juice industry grows by $75.2 million

Aug 25

The super premium juice industry grew from 2006 to 2007 from a $587 million dollar industry to a $662 million dollar industry. That’s two strong years for an industry I believe has even more potential. But what is a super premium juice? As explained by the Beverage Marketing Association:

“The superpremium sub–segment includes fresh packaged juice, which is 100% (or very close to 100%) fruit juice that is bottled in single–serve containers and shipped fresh (or lightly pasteurised) rather than reconstituted from concentrate or chemically preserved. These juices are generally more perishable than ‘regular’ juices, although marketers have worked to improve their shelf life.”

The shorter shelf life does pose some problems. A couple weeks ago at a local grocery store I noticed one of my favorite acai juices, Tropicana Pure Acai Rasberry, was being heavily discounted. The reason? All 24 bottles on the shelf were to expire the next day. Of course this was a windfall for me, as I picked up a couple bottles and went on an acai binge, but I hope that doesn’t mean the product is going to end up found exclusively at “specialty” grocery stores along with their “specialty” pricing.

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