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A bottle of Jus = 12 bottles of MonaVie?

Oct 16

Take a look at this gigantic comparison chart that Jus uses to compare itself to other “superfood” beverage products. It doesn’t say on the chart what that comparison is, but I’m presuming it’s about the ORAC values of the beverages. Jus hasn’t been high on my radar, but take a look at this testimonial they posted to YouTube. Apart from the sappy music, I can see it being a fairly convincing piece to give Jus a try.

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  1. Jennifer
    Oct 18 at 23:08

    Maybe, but MonaVie tastes better…

  2. James
    Dec 05 at 10:09

    But Coca-Cola tastes better than Monavie…..Nice argument.

  3. Bryan Gauvin
    Dec 06 at 17:34

    Acai is a better bet than Goji. There has bee much more scientific research done to prove its health effects. However the acai berry starts self destructing within minutes of being picked so you loose most of the antioxidants that are part of the berry before it makes it back to the united states for processing so most smoothies are using berries that have lost most of there health benefits.

    There is only one way to get the full benefits of the acia berry and that is through a patented flash freeze process developed by Monarch Industries. They use this process to preserve the vital antioxidants until they can get the Berry’s back to the states for processing into a blending drink called Mona-vie.

    Mona-Vie has a combination of 19 fruits and berries with the acai berry from the Amazon as its star. The results people are getting from drinking this are nearly miraculous, unique to each individuals health complaints and life changing. My own 59 year old father has had sleeping problems for over 20 years and started taking monavie pulse about 3 months ago and my mother is now stating the he is sleeping much better.

    You won’t find it on any grocery or pharmacy shelf or in any health food store. It is sold by independent distributors. And I am a distributor. Check out my web site @ YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID!!!! Live Abundantly!

  4. Sandra and Ted
    Dec 27 at 08:01

    There are so many benefits that you can get out of the acai berry that every person should have free access to it. It would save the world so much money it would be unbelievable.
    Why is it when something good is found in this world that so many people want to find reasons why you should not use it.
    In this case Acai delivers so much goodness without the side effects from natural sources it makes you wonder if the anti acai groups are paid from the pharmaceuticals companies.

    Good food for good health

    Sandra & Ted

  5. Chris
    Mar 20 at 09:56

    You people have not a clue. JUS altered the ORAC score to measure per ounce not per gram. Multiply the score by .034 and you get the true ORAC score. Got to love a company that uses nothing but smoke and mirrors…

  6. Tom
    Jun 02 at 09:52

    Actually, it’s Chris who is without a clue. Brunswick Labs has tested Jus and the ORAC per 1 fluid ounce is 8687. On the other hand. Mona Vie Active has been tested at less than 700, Mona Vie Original at 1000. I haven’t seen any numbers on Pulse.

    Opti Acai which is the freeze dried Acai that Mona Vie uses has been tested at 1026.9 ORAC per 1 gram. It’s a shame that Mona Vie doesn’t use more Opti Acai in their product…

    What is interesting is that with 28 grams to an ounce, why is Mona Vie’s ORAC numbers so incredibly low? Even one gram of Opti Acai per ounce would boost Mona Vie’s numbers considerably. Most likely a cost cutting measure; which is odd since the Acai is supposed to be the “Crown Jewel” of Mona Vie’s product line.

    Jus is a considerably stronger product. That is evident to anyone who even does an elementary amount of research and due diligence.

  7. Brian
    Sep 16 at 17:33

    I like how the person said jus used smoke and mirrors with the ORAC score changeing monavies from grams to ounces. First off when monavie is telling there customer to ingest there product using ounces why give them an ORAC score in grams? Further more monavie is a good product your just going to use more and spend more to reach what jus can in one ounce shot. Xango , thia mangosteen , kyani all beat out monavie. Just do the research Brunswick labs is independent from all these companies there not going to lie. Jus23 is the best trust me now or believe me later!

  8. Cole McConnell
    Oct 29 at 09:04

    so what if it tastes amazing jus has way more benefits than any other products similar its not just a juice that sounds good it acually has things that help your body repair and it s got 3 times more than its competitors

  9. Setting U Straight
    Jan 18 at 11:31

    You’re all barking up the wrong tree. Simple inexpensive grape juice is a better antioxidant than any of these ridiculously overpriced pyramid scams like Monavie. If some glorified panhandler approaches with Monavie bottle in hand, run the other way.

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