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Perfect Acai Revive by PowerSupplements

Oct 03

Perfect Acai ReviveIf you read the press release about this product you will notice it takes somewhat of a sales angle that I personally agree with. It outlines that many of us rely on caffeine to pick ourselves up and hit the sack with a sleep aid of some sort or another. The comparison is made that our energy levels are like the stock market – constant ups and downs. Of course, that’s where Perfect Acai Revive comes into place. With no caffeine the energy derived from ingesting this product is from the natural energy of the acai berry.

This is where you have to take a step back and put the marketing aside. If the average person eliminated caffeine from their diets and had a healthy, rounded diet, would increased energy not be a byproduct of that? I’m a firm believer that general health is affected mostly by diet and regular exercise, I don’t think taking any single product is going to keep you energized in a healthy way. The acai berry has a strong reputation for being a great source of energy. Whether you’re talking to Brazilian surfers, the CEO’s of Sambazon or Oprah – they will all agree on that fact. Just keep in mind no one product is a “cure all”.

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