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Purple, life’s superdrink

Oct 09

At least that’s the slogan of Purple, who’s drink contains acai berry, blueberry, cranberry, black cherry, pomegranate, black currant and purple plumb. That’s quite the lineup of foods that often sprout up among conversations about antioxidants.  I can’t say I’ve tried this product myself – I haven’t seen it in stores up here in British Columbia, however they do take a very informative approach to marketing their product.

If you look at their website, they have a fairly extensive “science and research” section with an abundance of resources. One such article, titled Natural Purple Pigments In Fruits, Vegetables And Berries, Such As Blueberries, May Help Prevent Obesity, talks about the benefits linked to the purple pigment in fruits. If you’re like me, and you enjoy researching products thoroughly before using them, Purple should cater to your thirst for knowledge. Their nutrition label is posted right on their website – not many acai berry touting products do that.

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