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Posts from December, 2008

Acai berry products and what to look for…

Dec 28

Pure Acai WARNING! – Outragious VideoWatch the top videos of the week here

VeeV co-founder interviewed by HerbalCast

Dec 10

As seen on on

Keely Cormier of HerbalCast interviews Carter Reum, the cofounder of the acai-based spirit VeeV.  The following is discussed in the 11m 49s audio interview.

  1. The story behind VeeV
  2. The eco-friendly aspect of their business as it relates to the Brazilian rainforest and carbon footprint of the company.
  3. Challenges Carter and his brother have faced in getting the product to market and growing brand awareness.
  4. as a tool they created to virally spread the word about VeeV.
  5. Current distribution markets for VeeV and how consumers outside of these areas can purchase VeeV.
  • The unique flavor of VeeV compared to vodka, and an in-depth discussion about acai and its benefits.
  • Dr. Oz demonstrates power of acai berry antioxidants

    Dec 04

    Dr Oz Acai BerryOne of the biggest benefits of the acai berry is its antioxidant content. Dr. Oz, a cardiothoracic surgeon who has appeared on Oprah, names the acai berry as one of his top 10 foods.  He gave a demonstration of the benefits of antioxidants using two halves of apple where one half was covered in lemon juice.

    The apple without the lemon juice eventually became shriveled and brown, but the side with the lemon juice remained unchanged.  Dr. Oz explained that this is what happens to the cells and key organs of our body when exposed to free radicals and oxidation.

    Acai berry has the ability to fight off these dangerous free radicals and help protect us against premature aging and cell break down.