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Posts from January, 2009

Haagen Dazs Acai Berry Sorbet

Jan 29

haagen dazs reserve acai berry sorbetDoes it get any better? Okay so there’s 120 calories in a 1/2 cup, who cares? This isn’t your typical sorbet! The marketing team has done a great job explaining the flavor of this tempting product:

The nutritious and complex Açai (ah-sigh-EE) berry offers this tantalizing sorbet notes of sweet blueberries, wild blackberries and a hint of grape, all delivered through a velvety, pear-like texture.

Doesn’t look like it’s available up in Canada, but if you’re in the USA use Haagen Dazs’ store locator to find out where you can pick some up! And if you can figure out how to ship a sorbet, send some up to BC, Canada!

Acai raspberry applesauce by Musselman’s

Jan 28

Musselmans acai berry applesauceHealthy Picks acai raspberry applesauce, made by Musselman’s, is made with super fruits known for their high antioxidant content. One serving of this acai berry, raspberry applesauce counts as a daily fruit serving. No sugar is added and it is fortified with fiber, calcium and vitamin C. It’s perfect as a side dish or a topping, or even on its own.

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 1 container (113g)
Serving Per Container 4
Amount Per Serving
Calories 70 mg
Calories from Fat
Total Fat 0 gm
Saturated Fat 0 gm
Cholesterol 0 mg
Sodium 10 mg
Total Carb. 17 gm
Fiber 3 gm
Sugars 10 gm
Protein 0 gm
Vitamin A 0
Vitamin C 25%
Calcium 10% mg
Iron 2% mg

Nektre unvails new anti-aging supplement

Jan 26

Nektre Skin CareNektre LLC has developed an advanced anti-aging supplement built around recent clinical studies. The product contains 20 natural ingredients that have been found to prevent the effects of aging skin. These products are acai berry, pomegranate, green tea, Coenzyme Q10, Biovin, vitamins A, C, E, B6 and B12. It is designed to be used in conjunction with existing topical skin care programs.

Japanese consumers were the first to embrace the use of skin supplements in addition to topical skin treatments. In the last 5 years that trend has gained significant traction in wealthy European countries like Spain and the UK. These beauty supplements, known as nutricosmetics, represent 15% of the overall dietary supplement market in Japan, 11% in Europe, but only 1% in the US.

“This is an exciting time because nutricosmetics are finally gaining popularity in the mainstream US beauty market. It’s exactly the same progression that occurred with energy drinks like Red Bull.”

Are nutricosmetics the future of skin care? Nektre think’s so, and it’s not uncommon for North America to be a couple years behind countries like Japan.  If it represents 15% of the overall dietary supplement market in Japan, I believe it will take hold in North America as well.

Tropicana Pur is no more

Jan 22

Back in March of 2007 I wrote a quick piece about a new acai product by Tropicana – Acai Raspberry juice. Shortly after writing about it, I saw it in stores and tried it. By the time I was done the bottle I can honestly say it didn’t take long to become my all time favorite juice. Of course OJ always has it’s place in the fridge, but as a person trying to cut caffeine out of my diet, I found that acai juice to fit in perfectly.

Then the juice started disappearing from stores. Systematically, one store at a time, it was being priced at clearence prices and then, eventually, no where to be found. I sent a note to Tropicana inquiring about the fate of Tropicana Pur juices and receives this reply.

Unfortunately, we are no long producing any of the Tropicana Pûr juices, including Raspberry Açai.  In the past, we had distributed this flavour in several markets; however it did not sell as well as we had hoped.  At this point, there are no immediate plans to reintroduce this product; however, you can be assured that I will forward your comments to the appropriate individuals at Pepsi-QTG Canada.

Did anyone else out there give this product a try while it was being produced? Did anyone enjoy this juice as much as I did? Bring back Tropicana Pur Raspberry Acai!

CRUNK Energy Drink launches acai berry flavour

Jan 20

crunk energy drink acai berry grapeThis past December Crunk Energy Drinks released their new flavour of energy drink using all natural acai berry and grape juices. Crunk Berry contains no artificial flavours, colors or preservatives.

“After the success of CRUNK!!! Citrus flavor this summer, we are thrilled to be introducing CRUNK!!! Berry,” says Tom Mahlke, President and CEO.

CRUNK!!! Energy Drink has successfully catered to youth lifestyle through its multi-level music, lifestyle, events, sampling and CRUNK!!!MASTER College Ambassador programs. The company will continue to utilize these channels to market the new flavor throughout 2009. For more information about CRUNK!!! Energy Drink, please visit