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VitalAcai – yet another sneaky scam

Feb 11

Back on February 6 I wrote a post about AcaiAlive, a website using various tools to convince you to try their “free trial” that was an autoship program in disguise. There’s no shortage of these types of offers, but the way I stumbled across VitalAcai today takes the “misleading” score to a new level.

A website by the name of AcaiBerryMD released a press release on PRWeb stating that:

…features the latest news, facts and nutritional updates about acai berries. Contains free reports and relevant, updated information about the acai plant and the acai berry fruit to help the general public better understand the nutritional benefits of acai berries.

Okay, so I’ve never heard of the acai palm tree described as a plant, but none the less I was excited to peruse the website, it seemed I might find some wortwhile information. With a name like Acai Berry MD I haphazardly presumed I could trust the website. However, on the website I quickly find a “Try Acai berry Free! (While supplies last)” link, which links to VitalAcai. VitalAcai fits the exact mold AcaiAlive uses…right down to the limited discount on shipping and the subtle page explaining the $85.84 dollar charge that will be incurred on your credit card if you don’t cancel your trial in time.

Lesson? Even with an official looking press release and a seemingly reputable source supporting the product, what you see isn’t always what you get.

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