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Musselman’s acai raspberry applesauce review

Mar 17

Musselmans health picks acai raspberry applesauceBack in January I wrote about acai raspberry applesauce produced by Musselman’s, which is a division of Knouse Foods. The nice people at Musselman’s found my article and decided to send me some samples of their new Healthy Picks apple sauces. Included in this package was the acai raspberry applesauce, the blueberry pomegranate applesauce and lastly, the key lime capuacu applesauce. Each flavor was quite tasty, and after sharing the applesauce with friends and co-workers the reaction was often similar – “I’ve never seen this applesauce, where’d you get it?”. Unfortunately these products are not available in my neck of the woods here in Kelowna, BC Canada.

Regardless, with an attempt to supress any bias opinions here, the acai raspberry flavor was my favorite flavor and I would definitely add it to my shopping list. While the taste is more raspberry dominant than acai berry, the combined mix makes for a healthy, great tasting snack anytime of the day.

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