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Maqui berry claims higher orac value than acai berry

Jun 05

As you notice on the below chart, the maqui berry claims a higher ORAC value than the acai berry. Learn more about ORAC scores and free radicals. In fact, it claims triple the ORAC score, and after other acai berry based products touted that same “3x the orac score” claim over blueberries, the trend continues. The question arises when you question the chart – there is no unit of measurement stated and it doesn’t cite any sources or supporting research. There’s a great conversation taking place on recent article on titled A Bottle of Juice = 12 Bottles of MonaVie where a similar claim has sparked debate.

Maqui berry orac score

The question arises – what ORAC value should we aim to reach on a daily basis?

Studies show that eating food with a high ORAC score will raise the antioxidant levels in the blood by 10% to 25%. Experts suggest that an ORAC score of around 5,000 units per day is necessary to have a significant effect on blood and tissue antioxidant levels. It would take about 8 to 10 brightly colored fruits and vegetables or dark greens to achieve this level, but a couple handfuls of blueberries will bring you closer to 6000 ORAC units.


The two last things worth noting are that, firstly, the ORAC value of a food can be affected by harvesting techniques, the aging of the food and how it is consumed and processed. It’s quite likely that the product marketers out there measure the ORAC values when they are at their peak, which might not be the case at the time we ingest them. Secondly, at what rate can the body absorb antioxidants? Can we reach a level where we simply stop benefiting? I haven’t been able to find much data on that question – if anyone out there has some insight into this please leave a comment!

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