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Oprah claims trademark infringement against acai berry products

Sep 20

Chances are as you browse the web you’ve been exposed to acai berry ads. Those ads have appeared on this website, and as I’ve witnessed, thousands upon thousands of other websites. There’s no argument that the acai berry seems to have some astonishing health benefits, and that good reputation can go a long way. That reputation definitely received a strong boost from Oprah and Doctor Oz when they featured the acai berry as a super food. This act led to a number of acai berry products to use their image and message within their marketing materials without the proper permission. This has led to Oprah and friends suing a number of acai berry product companies, and specifically, some of the marketing companies that promote their products. See for the official statement.

Oprah has every right to defend her corporate image. No company should claim or suggest that Oprah supports the benefits of their product. Oprah supports the acai berry as a food, she doesn’t support every product on the face of this planet that might happen to contain the acai berry.

A message to the consumer – just because you see a familiar face on a product doesn’t mean the product is “better”, and in this case, it doesn’t even mean the celebrity is aware of the product itself!

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