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Avoiding acai berry scams

Feb 09

It’s unfortunate to have witnessed the flurry of questionable acai berry products that have come to market recently. When this website was first launched there was a half dozen companies selling acai berry extracts and other products that included the acai berry amongst other ingredients. Over the past 2 years the market has been flooded with hundreds of acai berry products that claim to help with weight loss, protect from illnesses, etc etc. While the benefits of antioxidants are numerous, the majority of acai berry products you find online today have no science supporting their claims.

Considering the majority of comments I receive on this website are from people complaining about unexpected charges being applied to their credits cards, I figured it would be a good idea to cover just the basics of what to watch out for to avoid being the victim of the latest acai berry scam.

  1. Check with the BBB. Those who have already purchased a product or started a ‘free trial’ are likely to visit the Better Business Bureau website to post their complaints.
  2. Take the product name, add the word “scam” to it, and perform a Google search. Chances are if the company uses questionable tactics, there will be hundreds of websites warning against the scam.
  3. Better judgment – many of the acai berry scam websites use pressure tactics to lure you into a quick decision – pay no attention to countdown timers or pop-up messages that say there are benefits to buying now as opposed to tomorrow. Make sure you read the fine print carefully. One of the easiest ways to save yourself some drama is to look for a contact number, sitting on hold for a long time or being forwarded to a call center that has to ask you which product you’re inquiring about is a bad sign.
  4. Visit your local health food store – products are often cheaper online than in a health store, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take note of some brands your local health store carries. These stores generally do their due diligence when selecting products to carry. It’s just one more filtration system you can use to save yourself the hassle of sifting through hundreds of acai berry products that all claim to do similar things.

Every time I login to this blog I approve more comments from people that have become victims of acai berry scams, which is really unfortunate as I believe the health benefits of the acai berry in a proper extract or quality product can be very real. The age old adage holds true, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.