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MonaVie, the official juice of the Boston Red Sox

May 03

MonaVie is nothing new to the world of professional athletics. The NBA cleared MonaVie for use by NBA players, declaring it free of all banned substances. And now, for the second year in a row, the Boston Red Sox have declared MonaVie as their official juice. Of course, MonaVie is excited about the partnership – Dallin Larsen, Founder and President of MonaVie says:

“We are thrilled to be associated with the Boston Red Sox, it is no coincidence that we are partnering with a team that clearly demonstrates a dedication to achievement and a winning attitude.”

Even though MonaVie products are distributed through a multi-level marketing type of setup, it continues to gain momentum. Partnerships like this are perfect for the company – not only does it demonstrate the quality of the products, but it also helps maintain the corporate image of MonaVie since it’s always overshadowed by it’s MLM approach.

Mr. Food talks about the acai berry

Apr 19

Mr Food features an assortment of acai berry juices in this video, including Purple, Bossa Nova, V8 V-Fusion, Dom Dai, MonaVie and even a Haagen Daaz sorbet. He does mention the fact that a number claim to experience health benefits associated with drinking acai berry products, but rightfully states that it shouldn’t be relied on as a medicine. Instead, work it into a healthy diet and an active lifestyle.

Skinny Water expands distribtion in the west

Mar 04

SKNY stock chartBack in May I wrote about Skinny Water and their expansion into 120 new locations in Philidelphia. Well, Skinny Nutritional is at it again, and this time they’ve struck a deal with Dr. Pepper / 7up Bottling of the West. This new agreement will make Skinny Water available in chains across California, Nevada, Idaho and Wyoming. Back in May their stock was sitting at 30-40 cents per share after a sharp climb – today it sits at 6 cents per share.

The Sunset Smoothie from Sambazon

Feb 27

This is a great Sambazon acai smoothie recipe from Rochelle, the video is shot at her house right next to Sunset Beach – jealous yet?

Acai 100 acai berry juice

Feb 23

acai 100 acai berry juice“You can taste and feel the purity” is the tagline of this acai berry product, and in some respects it seems to be true. One of the major problems associated with harvesting the acai berry is that it is comprised of 90% seed. Acai 100 doesn’t consider this an issue, as their product uses the entire berry. The skin (epicarp), the pulpy part between the skin and seed (mesocarp, and the seed itself (endocarp). It claims to contain 30,000mg of acai in each ounce of juice – it’s rare for an acai berry product to make bold statements about the actual amount of the acai berry it contains.

The product claims to have 40,000 hours of clinical research backing it, and is fully endorsed by a number of doctors. One of these doctors is, Dr. Julian Whitaker AKA American’s Wellness Doctor. Another is Dr. Steven Lamm from Barbera Walter’s The View. Finally, Dr. Lindsey Duncan, who seems to be affiliated with Genesis Today, the developer and distributor of Acai 100.


On an add for this product it claims help:

  • Naturally control weight
  • Provide healthy energy levels
  • Health of your hair, skin & nails
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Sexual health

It’s available in health food stores across the USA and Canada – I may just give this juice a try the next time I come across it. Has anyone out their tried it? Please post your thoughts!