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WineTime Bar enters the marketplace

Dec 06

What’s so special about yet another 190 calorie nutrition bar? Well, it’s the first nutrition bar to contain significant amounts of resveratrol, which is an antioxidant contained in red wine that is reported to delay the affects of aging. DSM Nutritional Products provides¬† a highly purified resveratrol compound for this bar, called resVida. The WineTime bar also incorporates a secondary source of resveratrol extract from red grapes. This bar also includes dates, almonds and a variety of super fruits, such as cranberry, pomegranate, goji berry, mangosteen and of course, the acai berry.

The purpose of the bar can be summed up with the French paradox of food. The French tend to have diets high in fat, yet they’re known for cardiovascular health. This is then tied to the concept that the French drink more quality red wine than a typical nation, and as a result many conclude that it must be something in the red wine that makes this possible.

There’s more and more science building up behind resveratrol and the above statement, some of which you can read on at You can also order online from their website.

pHion antioxidant supplement

Oct 12

I came across this video on YouTube recently. Their products look promising, specifically their antioxidant supplements. They seem to focus in on the idea that a multitude of antioxidants is a smart way to go, which I agree with based off of everything I have read about how antioxidants work. Watch this video, and take a look at their antioxidant supplement – pHion Indigo, Antioxidant Complex – Capsules

Mr. Food talks about the acai berry

Apr 19

Mr Food features an assortment of acai berry juices in this video, including Purple, Bossa Nova, V8 V-Fusion, Dom Dai, MonaVie and even a Haagen Daaz sorbet. He does mention the fact that a number claim to experience health benefits associated with drinking acai berry products, but rightfully states that it shouldn’t be relied on as a medicine. Instead, work it into a healthy diet and an active lifestyle.

Musselman’s acai raspberry applesauce review

Mar 17

Musselmans health picks acai raspberry applesauceBack in January I wrote about acai raspberry applesauce produced by Musselman’s, which is a division of Knouse Foods. The nice people at Musselman’s found my article and decided to send me some samples of their new Healthy Picks apple sauces. Included in this package was the acai raspberry applesauce, the blueberry pomegranate applesauce and lastly, the key lime capuacu applesauce. Each flavor was quite tasty, and after sharing the applesauce with friends and co-workers the reaction was often similar – “I’ve never seen this applesauce, where’d you get it?”. Unfortunately these products are not available in my neck of the woods here in Kelowna, BC Canada.

Regardless, with an attempt to supress any bias opinions here, the acai raspberry flavor was my favorite flavor and I would definitely add it to my shopping list. While the taste is more raspberry dominant than acai berry, the combined mix makes for a healthy, great tasting snack anytime of the day.

The roots of the acai berry

Feb 10

Rio de Janeiro to Amazon RainforestI was rummaging around on Facebook today looking for anyone who may have posted acai berry recipes or their thoughts on the acai berry. What I discovered was better than a recipe! There was a discussion about how people “take” there acai – in supplement form was a typical response. However, one individual posted that since moving to Brazil, she had adopted the “way of the locals” and ate the acai berry with banana and granola in an acai bowl. That was at least one step closer towards a real acai berry experience in comparison with taking supplements in capsule form.

A follow up was then posted by a Brazilian stating that the acai berry was originally mixed with tapioca and used as a drink to go along with any meal. She proceeded to state the “acai bowls” with strawberries, granola and banana is a creation of Southern Brazil, specifically Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. It would seem Northern Brazil and Southern Brazil have different ways of incorporating the acai berry into their diets. Considering the Amazon is where the acai berry grows, I would have to lean towards the Northern Brazilian method as the “original” acai berry recipe. Southern Brazil receives a majority of the tourist attention, so I don’t think it’s any surprise that the Southern Brazilian way of eating the acai berry is what has been adopted more commonly across North America. Just don’t forget that Rio de Janeiro, according to Google Maps, is over 1900km away from the southern tip of the Amazon Rainforest. That’s like asking people in Denver, Colorado what the latest clothing trend is in San Francisco.