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Haagen Dazs Acai Berry Sorbet

Jan 29

haagen dazs reserve acai berry sorbetDoes it get any better? Okay so there’s 120 calories in a 1/2 cup, who cares? This isn’t your typical sorbet! The marketing team has done a great job explaining the flavor of this tempting product:

The nutritious and complex Açai (ah-sigh-EE) berry offers this tantalizing sorbet notes of sweet blueberries, wild blackberries and a hint of grape, all delivered through a velvety, pear-like texture.

Doesn’t look like it’s available up in Canada, but if you’re in the USA use Haagen Dazs’ store locator to find out where you can pick some up! And if you can figure out how to ship a sorbet, send some up to BC, Canada!

Acai raspberry applesauce by Musselman’s

Jan 28

Musselmans acai berry applesauceHealthy Picks acai raspberry applesauce, made by Musselman’s, is made with super fruits known for their high antioxidant content. One serving of this acai berry, raspberry applesauce counts as a daily fruit serving. No sugar is added and it is fortified with fiber, calcium and vitamin C. It’s perfect as a side dish or a topping, or even on its own.

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 1 container (113g)
Serving Per Container 4
Amount Per Serving
Calories 70 mg
Calories from Fat
Total Fat 0 gm
Saturated Fat 0 gm
Cholesterol 0 mg
Sodium 10 mg
Total Carb. 17 gm
Fiber 3 gm
Sugars 10 gm
Protein 0 gm
Vitamin A 0
Vitamin C 25%
Calcium 10% mg
Iron 2% mg

New acai-blueberry protein bar by Detour

Feb 10

On January 23rd Detour released it’s newest protein bar, called the Detour Yoga Bar. This new bar comes in two flavours, Blueberry Acai and Peach Mango. An excerpt from their press release:

“Nutrition bar company Forward Foods, LLC, the maker of the award-winning Detour(R) bar, today announced the addition of the Detour Yoga Bar(TM) to its line of activity-based protein bars. The new Yoga Bar includes lemon balm to help alleviate stress and promote a sense of calm while supporting strong, flexible muscle development with 11 grams of high-quality protein. Available in two fresh fruit flavors — Blueberry Acai and Peach Mango — the new Detour Yoga Bar joins the line of Detour Runner, Detour Biker and Detour Core Strength Bars.”

One more product out there containing the benefits if acai. It’s a good thing Sambazon is increasing production as more of these types of products pop up sporting the “new” acai flavour!

Acai berry margarita

Jan 21

With so much focus on the health benefits of Acai there is often a serious tone surrounding the acai berry topic. How does acai help a person and how much does it cost? Where can I get acai berry, and finally, the rarely asked question, how can I ingest the acai berry in creative, tasty ways? Here’s one of many answers to that question!

The Feel Better Naked Margarita was created by Adam Seger from The National 27 Restaurant in Chicago. You can find the acai berry recipe at

Chocolate Acai…mmmm!

Jan 03

The acai berry made it’s way into chocolate! Hershey-owned Dagoba developed a Superfruit chocolate bar with 68% acai, goji and currants. Straight from,

“We created this bar to offer an antioxidant rich, delicious combination of fruit and chocolate from Mother Nature’s recipe book. Our blend of Acai, Currants and Goji Berries combines some of the world’s most antioxidant rich fruits, boosting cacao’s antioxidant power.”