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Musselman’s acai raspberry applesauce review

Mar 17

Musselmans health picks acai raspberry applesauceBack in January I wrote about acai raspberry applesauce produced by Musselman’s, which is a division of Knouse Foods. The nice people at Musselman’s found my article and decided to send me some samples of their new Healthy Picks apple sauces. Included in this package was the acai raspberry applesauce, the blueberry pomegranate applesauce and lastly, the key lime capuacu applesauce. Each flavor was quite tasty, and after sharing the applesauce with friends and co-workers the reaction was often similar – “I’ve never seen this applesauce, where’d you get it?”. Unfortunately these products are not available in my neck of the woods here in Kelowna, BC Canada.

Regardless, with an attempt to supress any bias opinions here, the acai raspberry flavor was my favorite flavor and I would definitely add it to my shopping list. While the taste is more raspberry dominant than acai berry, the combined mix makes for a healthy, great tasting snack anytime of the day.

Tropicana Pure Raspberry Acai

Sep 07

Tropicana Pure Raspberry AcaiI have to admit, Tropicana Pure Raspberry Acai ranks very highly amongst the acai products I have tried. It ranks so highly, in fact, that I may be switching grocery stores just for the convenience of picking up a bottle or two while I do my weekly grocery shopping. Save On Foods, a grocery chain exclusive to British Columbia and Alberta starting carrying this product. I had written about Tropicana’s new acai berry juice before, so it caught my eye and I picked up a bottle. By the time I had finished the first bottle I knew this was going to become a regular purchase.

A few months passed and you could say I have become addicted. I actually find myself craving the taste. Then, last week when grocery shopping at Save on Foods (who’s tagline is, “so much more in store”), I find the juice is no where to be found. Turns out the Great Canadian Superstore still carries the juice – little do they know they’ve gained my business simply for carrying a very specific acai juice. So much for the relative quiet of Save On Foods, from now on I will be battling it out at the Superstore!

Happy Planet Extreme Purple…

Apr 01

Happy Planet Acai Happy Planet Acai Nurtition

This isn’t an official review as I haven’t tried this product myself, however by word of mouth I’ve heard that Happy Planet’s Extreme Purple acai fruit smoothie beverage is definitely worth a taste. I can’t comment on the taste yet, but check out that vitamin C content – 110% recommended daily intake in 250ml!

Taken straight from their product label, “Acai the prized Brazilian berry makes purple waves with free radical battling friends – green tea and beta carotene – an extreme team in your corner.”

Happy Planet Food’s mission? “To astonish your taste buds, nourish your body, unite you with the best sources of food and drink on this planet, and grow a progressive business from which happiness flows.”

Zola acai plus pineapple reviewed…

Mar 10

Zola Acai Nutrition LabelI figure I write too much about acai to ignore the fact that I’m a little behind on trying the products themselves. Therefore, in the name of avoiding hypocrisy, I gave Zola Acai + Pineapple a try today and was fairly impressed. The $3.99 price for 330ml isn’t impressive, in fact it’s 5x the cost of my usual lunch-time drink, but halfway through the drink I had forgotten I was critiquing the taste and was genuinely enjoying it. If anyone out there has tried MonaVie, it’s got that same initial flavour, but then the pineapple kicks in an eliminates any remnants of an after taste. It does have that same gritty consistency though.

In any case, that little “Acai Products” page is going to be revamped in the near future. Instead of providing links to purchase the products on Amazon, it will feature the Nutrition Facts about every acai product I can get my hands on.