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pHion antioxidant supplement

Oct 12

I came across this video on YouTube recently. Their products look promising, specifically their antioxidant supplements. They seem to focus in on the idea that a multitude of antioxidants is a smart way to go, which I agree with based off of everything I have read about how antioxidants work. Watch this video, and take a look at their antioxidant supplement – pHion Indigo, Antioxidant Complex – Capsules

Swanson Health Products brings acai berry extract to market

Mar 09

Swanson\'s acai berry extract softgelOn March 6th Swanson Vitamins added acai berry extract supplements in softgel form to the market. Recommended to support energy and vitality, these softgel capsules contain 500mg of acai berry extract (Euterpe Oleracea). According to the Swanson website:

Recently gaining popularity in fruit smoothies and other beverages, acai berries feature a nearly perfect amino acid complex, trace minerals and more free radical fighting power than blueberries, strawberries and cranberries.

Want to give this product a try? Simply buy Swanson’s Acai Berry Extract online ($4.99 at the time of writing this article.)

The Doctors review MonaVie

Feb 05

Chances are if you’ve heard about the acai berry you’ve also heard about MonaVie. In fact, MonaVie is how I learned about the acai berry in the first place. It’s the MLM juice network that has really taken hold across North America. It’s an expensive product to purchase, but it does have potential to generate some nice income if treated as a business. Personally, after drinking this juice, I without question experienced a boost in energy from a measly 2 ounces. The question you have to ask yourself if considering getting into MonaVie is:

  1. Are you prepared to spend close to $40 per bottle?
  2. If not, do you have the time, commitment and passion to work your own network selling MonaVie to offset your cost of drinking the product?

Acai berry weight loss misconceptions

Feb 04

ABC News Acai Berry Weight LossSusan James writes on that the acai berry is leaving people ripped off, and isn’t necessarily worth the effort or investment. I tend to disagree with this article, but not because I believe the acai berry performs weight loss miracles, but because the acai berry’s benefits have been taken out of context. In comparison with other foods, the acai berry has limited research behind it’s claims. Paul Gross, PhD, does have a study comparing the benefits of the acai berry with other foods, but I haven’t come across any reputable source saying the acai berry is a great weight loss tool. Even Dr. Oz and Dr. Perricone from Oprah’s television show didn’t claim the acai berry should be used as a weight loss supplement, and they can be attributed with a large part of the acai berries adoption across America.

Back to this ABC News article. In summary, a husband and wife purchase acai berry supplements online with expectations of loosing weight within the first week. There’s no talk of what the entire diet consisted of and there’s no talk of a fitness program – I suppose the weight is just supposed to disappear? No one in the real weight loss industry is going to tell you to take a supplement and expect to notice a difference in 1 week. What I do think they would tell you is to avoid simple carbohydrates, incorporate the right nutrients into the diet, and MAYBE, just maybe they might recommend some sort of excersize program.

“Of course, it’s marketing,” said GNC franchise owner Shakil Kazi, who sells a full line of acai antioxidants. His store does not promote them as weight loss products, yet people are constantly asking for the acai berry weight loss products.

“That’s what eight out of 10 of my customers are looking for — weight loss,” he said. “We can sell anything for weight loss. And if it works even just a little, it gets a million people in the stores.”

“It’s a really good sell,” he said of acai. “Many of our customers are looking for it after they see it on television and in magazines.”

It’s humerous how America can dial into this amazing Brazilian acai berry, associate it with the “fit, healthy” reputation Brazilians have and think that a capsule/supplement version of the same berry is going to help a country loose weight. It’s marketing at it’s best and lack of research on behalf of the consumers. Acai berry has some terrific benefits, but it has to be part of a healthy, balanced diet and active lifestyle before the full benefits are really seen. Just because a person takes acai supplements before they sneak in a fast food meal for the 4th time that week doesn’t mean they’re going to loose weight!

Perfect Acai Revive by PowerSupplements

Oct 03

Perfect Acai ReviveIf you read the press release about this product you will notice it takes somewhat of a sales angle that I personally agree with. It outlines that many of us rely on caffeine to pick ourselves up and hit the sack with a sleep aid of some sort or another. The comparison is made that our energy levels are like the stock market – constant ups and downs. Of course, that’s where Perfect Acai Revive comes into place. With no caffeine the energy derived from ingesting this product is from the natural energy of the acai berry.

This is where you have to take a step back and put the marketing aside. If the average person eliminated caffeine from their diets and had a healthy, rounded diet, would increased energy not be a byproduct of that? I’m a firm believer that general health is affected mostly by diet and regular exercise, I don’t think taking any single product is going to keep you energized in a healthy way. The acai berry has a strong reputation for being a great source of energy. Whether you’re talking to Brazilian surfers, the CEO’s of Sambazon or Oprah – they will all agree on that fact. Just keep in mind no one product is a “cure all”.